Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Albanian Government, takes nacionalist decision to grant concessions, all the beaches and assets of Himara Region, to the Albanian oligarchs.

After granting permission for the construction of the Tourist Resort in Draleo of Himara Region, Rama is supporting the "Green Coast Company", with new decisions, to give other properties as concession to the Albanian oligarchs, to robbed the assets from the use of Beaches of the Himara Region, wich are the most valuable possessions of greek himariotes.

The decision is taken today by the Albanian Government, which does not withdraw from the nationalist decisions, to loot the property belonging to the Greeks of Himara, ordering the Municipality of Himara to implement the plan as soon as possible, within May and until October.

The traditional region of Himara, has a coastline of 70 km, the most beautiful in Albania, whose beaches are the destination Nr; 1 for foreign tourists. Himara is the best part of the GDP budget of the Tourism of Albania, 20% of the total of 2 billion Euro in Years.

The government in the coalition of Edi Rama and Ilir Meta, by years, has been in the service of a nationalist structure, this time camouflaged with the Oligarchs and mafia groups of Albanians, mostly Muslims, to loot in "legal" ways and government decisions, assets of the Greek community of Himara, lands close to the community and the churche propierties, and with the most recent decision, also the beaches of Himara.

This decision comes at the same time because of a series of revolt by the Greek community of Himara, which opposes any plan that is called development for tourism, but in essence is the assimilation of the Greek community and their assets in Himara Region.

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