Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Oath of the Albanian military, under the fascist Axis of World War II


An  Albanian history, presents the inauguration of Albanian soldiers as Nazi German forces in Albania during the period 1943-1944.

The inauguration takes place on the main boulevard of Tirana, in front of the building of the Albanian Fascist Party which today houses the University of Tirana.

Soldiers carry Italian Italian uniforms and weapons which the Germans had taken the ally Italy after the capitulation in September 1943.

Overall the Albanian army created by the Germans numbered 4800 soldiers organized into five battalions with the main purpose to protect the roadway from the attacks of the partisans and the supervision of the coastal line.

Commander of this force was appointed a former army of the king of Zogu Albania, while chief of staff was the Austrian officer Gustav Von Myrdacz former adviser to the king.

Meanwhile, two years ago, the military oath was made in Rome of Italy, where Albanian soldiers swear before Mussolini allegiance to fascism ..

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