Monday, February 8, 2016

Albania Pays Price For Politically Driven Sackings

Despite the passage of laws designed to stop it, the practice of summarily sacking civil servants continues in Albania, burdening the budget and creating misery for those let go.

Klodiana Lala
 People fired from the public administration protest in front of Albanian PM's office on November 18, 2015.

The life of Stak Pjetri  - a father of three and former forestry official in northern town of Fushe Arrez - was turned upside down on November 12, 2012, when his supervisors notified him that he was being let go.

After three decades of working in the forestry service he found himself joining Albania’s long list of unemployed persons.

Disabled by a previous work injury and unable to find a new job, Pjetri filed a lawsuit in the Administrative Court, contesting his dismissal. During two years of legal battles he experienced growing poverty and family quarrels, which led to a divorce.  

“Losing my job destroyed my family,” he said. “After they fired me, quarrels started with my wife over money and we divorced in 2014,” Pjetri told BIRN.

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