Sunday, November 8, 2015

OSCE Conference in Vienna for the Protection of National Minorities: "ESVI 1914" briefed on the latest developments in Albania


"The new administrative division in the Albanian territory, during the establishment of new municipalities, provinces which have majority ethnic Greeks and Christian - Orthodox religion, are fused with areas inhabited by Albanian Muslims. It is characteristic that the Municipality of Himara, whose inhabitants are the overwhelmingly Greek-Orthodox Christians were joined with the province Vranisti which is populated by Muslims" noted ESVI 2014

Conference for the Protection of National Minorities organized by the Organization for Security and Stability in Europe (OSCE) held in Vienna's Hofburg Palace, during the weekend of 29-30 October.

This gave this international meeting of the National Association of Northern Epirus 1914.
The report of the Association for the problems facing the Northern Epirus today presented Friday, October 30, in the third session on "National Minorities in inter-state relations and recommendations of Bolzano / Bozena."

 ESVI 1914 report, as in that of the Conference of Warsaw, were described, with additions of the latest developments, the human rights abuses in the ownership, demographic and cultural deterioration, terrorism against the Northern Epirus by the Albanian state and fanatics Albanians and attacks against the Orthodox Church, which last more and multiply.

Certainly the text begins with a clear reference to the Protocol of Corfu.

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