Saturday, July 4, 2015

US Ambassador in Albania, Donald Lu, met with a Delegation of Omonia in Himara.

Beleris met with US Ambassador in Himara

The President of Omonia`s branch for Himara region Fred Beleris, met yesterday, July 3, the US ambassador to Albania, Donald Lu.

Attending the meeting which took place in Himara, was the General President of Omonia, Leonidas Pappas and other members of our Community.

Dr. Lou found in our region following communications, showing active interest in matters that concerning the municipality of Himara and the Greek National Minority.

Of particular interest was the question of property in which, he seemed excellent knowledge and the question of education.

Mr. Lu said under an strong obbsservation about the properties that the US government will stand helper in fighting corruption and democratisation of the Albania's judicial system. For that matter, the delegation of Omonoia, handed the US Ambassador, a Memorandum.

Mr. Beleris briefed the ambassador on the issue of Greek education in Himara and presented the course of procedures for the Greek school function. Mr. Lou linked education with fundamental minority rights, respect for which is a precondition for establishing the rule of law in Albania.

The meeting ratified the communication channel has opened in the US embassy in efforts to promote the issues concerning our community.

Still the Memorandum is not made in public by Omonia of Himara.

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