Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Albania prepares to vote in crucial election

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama (AFP PHOTO)
Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama (AFP PHOTO)
“More than the results, the real importance of these elections are the values of the democracy that should win," parliamentary speaker Ilir Meta told AFP.
Over 3.3 million people in the southeast Europe republic will go to the polls on Sunday.
According to the latest opinion polls, the ruling Socialist-led coalition would emerge the undisputable winner of the vote.
Prime Minister Edi Rama has promised that the elections' outcome will give added momentum to “economic development” in the country.
However, since the demise of Communism in the country about twenty years ago, there have never been smooth elections in the country.
Opposition leader Luzlim Basha, who is also the mayor of the capital Tirana, has warned supporters to be on look for what he called "fake and rigged” votes.
Nevertheless, Basha forecast the elections to be a vote "against the ruling majority".
Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe. One in seven people in the country live below the poverty line. Albanians living in Greece, Italy and other countries are said to have a definitive role in the outcome of the elections.

Some 400 foreign and 5,000 local observers will be monitoring the vote. The EU, in particular, will be closely watching the vote.
Albania obtained EU candidate status one year ago.

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