Monday, January 19, 2015

Greek Elections: The Himara Community of Albania calls to vote Pyrros Dhimas


Parliamentary elections in Greece, have started to promise miracles for the Greek Community in Albania, which was left outside the claims of National Affairs of Greece.

About 300 thousand Northern Epiriotes, will have the right to vote for the parliamentary elections in Greece, but that none of the political parties including the two largest, PASOK - New Democracy, could not help their national aspirations for Autonomy of Northern Epirus

Athens. Himara Community of Albania, has called for the vote next Sunday, the Candidate of PASOK, the World Weightlifting Championships Pyrros Dhimas. Dhimas.  Member of the Greek Parliament by PASOK, he will be supported by votes belonging to the community of Northern Epirus, mainly from Himara Region.

"Himara should have its representative in the Greek Parliament, which has been historically present to the creation of the modern state of Greece, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and currently belongs to the mission just to Pyrros Dhimas", said in a statement distributed by the networking social media, of the Himara Community.

Meanwhile, about 300 thousand Northern Epiriotes, will vote next Sunday for the Greek Parliament, a process which has lasted for 24 years, since the time the communist dictatorship was overthrown in Albania.

Greece has fulfilled a massive Award Greek Citizenship for Greeks of Albania, known in Northern Epirus, a process very longer and difficult. However finally, the process continues to rapidly disseminate Greek passports to Albanian who are naturalized as Greek citizens and thought that the end of the total number of Greeks in Northern Epirus, reach up 600 thousand people.

So next Sunday will vote about 9.8 million Greek citizen, a considerable part of which are the Northern Epiriotes, who are targeted by big parties, ND, PASOK, SYRIZA, but in fact most votes will be awarded to the Golden Dawn Party, for which they have promised the establishment of autonomy of the Northern Epirus, in the event that will be present with the majority force in the Greek Parliament.

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