Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tirana: Can Serbia attack Kosovo?

In Albania, the National Security Center, through a voluminous study that makes escalation of the situation in Ukraine warns implications in the Balkans, especially given the alarm about the possibility of a military aggression against Kosovo Serbia, considering the Russian expansion in the Crimea.

Agency to the Ministry of Defence of the Government suggests that for this reason, Albania, as a NATO member, to come up with a clearer stance on the situation in Ukraine as well as its contribution to ensuring the territorial integrity of this state. But the 20-page report providing exclusively by "Gazeta Shqiptare", provided no concrete information if any concrete information from the Albanian intelligence regarding a possible Belgrade preparation for launching a military aggression against Kosovo. 

Simply the Official Tirana warned by the agency under the Ministry of Defense for the possibility of the existence of this scenario. This strategic analysis of circulating a few weeks in the offices of top leaders of the state constitutes simultaneously the harshest criticism official has articulated that Albania currently the to Moscow regarding the issue of Crimea.

In this paper explicitly compares Russia with Nazi Germany while not missing or epithets addressed to President Vladimir Putin, who is regarded as "pure", "paranoid" and "imperial mentality". "AI" publishes today the most critical parts of the report to the National Security Center entitled "Ukrainian scenario - Three points of view".


Himara Region: AIS Director, Visho Ajazi Lika, reports in the Parliamentary Security Commission of Albania

Ajazi: A new Separatist Movement of "Ukraine case", may constitute the Independence of The Himara Region, by the new territorial division

AIS Director: "In Himara, there are groups that not extremist, that may require separation from Albania"

Albanian secret service, looks like the Albanian separatist movement from the territory, the Himara Region, particularly their discontent for oligarchs looting of property, which may become due to revolts

Tirana. On Tuesday, the Albanian Secret Service chief AIS, Visho Ajazi Lika, spoken a reference for the members of the Parliamentary Security Commission of Albania, which was held behind closed doors.

In a delicate topics of security chief, has been an information about the Himara Region, in which AIS reports that Himara, could threat the national security of the country, because of recent developments in Ukraine, it can stimulate a separatist movement of the Himara Region, especially with the new territorial division of Albania, reports the daily newspaper "Mapo".

According to "Mapo" newspaper, MP Mesila Doda of Democratic Party, has insisted if Himara Region would stand alone in the new administrative division, will it risk of separatism, seeing "domino effect" in Ukraine, the AIS Director, replied that "In Himara, there are groups that  not extremist, that may require separation from Albania, for independence of Himara Region".

 Visho Ajazi Lika, said during the meeting that at the same time, problems of non return of property in Himara Region and its predation by Albanian oligarchy, may constitute an explosion of revolts, which seems to himariotas, which have a historical unity.

But in fact, the Albanian secret service analysts, and rank the Himara Region, a region full of surprises, not only as "a center of nationalism of Northern Epirus", but being stimulated looting property, they have overriding the reason for separatism, after 95 % of the population, have, European and US
citizenship, reports the head of AIS.

Another risk factor breakaway from Himara is the domino effect of events from Ukraine, for whom , himariotas separatists, through the lobby from outside, can create problems for the political stability of Albania.

 The other problems has reported major production and distribution of drugs in Albania, for the which, the head of AIS, said that 337 cases have reported secret information for drugs, for the Albanian police 

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