Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The government reacts for Bank of Albania theft: A serious crime

The government reacts for Bank of Albania theft: A serious crime
Two weeks after the huge unprecedented theft at the Bank of Albania, the government reacted by calling it a serious crime and a big challenge for justice.

Through an announcement for the media, the Council of Ministers says that the Prosecution should make a quick and comprehensive investigation for punishing anyone involved in this shocking crime.

This act is also a huge challenge for the authority and safety of the Bank of Albania, the announcement says, which should review all rules and mechanisms so that these things will not happen again in the future.

The government’s declaration didn’t mention Governor Fullani, who has been in the center of the media attention for the past days, and not even the Supervisory Council. According to the government, this is a big challenge for other institutions, the Parliament and the Government, for analyzing and come up with constructive conclusions for their cooperation with international financial institution, for the legal measures that are needed for guaranteeing a solid and transparent inspection system for the activity of this key institution.

This paragraph leaves to be understood that the government is not happy with the transparency of the Bank of Albania, that’s why they ask the Parliament Speaker, Ilir Meta, for a legal intervention.

The government underlines that they are following the progress of the investigation very closely, and they are determined to play their role fully for any initiative that might be needed for a functional security system for the Bank of Albania.

“Banking activity is not damaged”
Banks Association guarantees: Our activity is not affected by the theft

The Albanian Banking Association declares that what happened at the Bank of Albania will not affect their activity.

Through an official press release, the association guarantees the public and bank clients that the activity continues normally.

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