Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Photos of the Day

"Great Chinese Wall" in Himara Region

"Great Chinese Wall" is being built, in the beautiful tourist area of Ionian Coast, Draleo of Himara Region, an area of ​​about 300 ha .. A construction company owned by Albanian from Kosoco, which has financial potential, with top media support and Albanian politicians, has taken permission for the construction of two tourist villages with 400 apartments, by the government and the Municipality of Himara.

On the other hand, Draleo, is involved in the covert of NATO, which are classified as areas that will be untouched by the Albanian government, but even that, in addition to the efforts of residents himariotas, to obtain their properties.


NATO targets, to build bases in Himara Region

Ionian coast of Dhrales, Gjipe, Porto Palermo Jala asked to freeze all the investments 

As long as human rights and civil liberties are violated in Himara Region primarily property, Greece to put veto on the status Candidate for Albania in EU

Himara Associations: Athens to block the status of Albania, if Tirana, does not solve the property issue

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