Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The aggravation of the anti Greek propaganda in Albania

Albanian media completely focused about a prisoner, who dead in Greek prisons

Despite efforts to Athens to negotiate new maritime border, the Government Rama, seems to have abandoned the project, battling a situation, not at all friendly with Greece

Tirana . Views published by the Greek newspaper "To Vima" about the death of an Albanian prisoner, have grown quite a stressful situation against Greece, in Albania, reports from SManalysis sources.

The situation is always the tough, while Albanian nationalists, have warned against protests answer form, the Greek police authorities. Friendly climate is harsh threats changed in almost all media and social networks of Albanians in the whole world.

Meanwhile, the Albanian government has stated that it has approved the establishment of a bilateral commission, to cooperate with the Greek government, in all matters concerning all the water borders with Greece. But despite this effort, the review of the maritime border, a claim strongly requested from Athens, nor apparently in the talks agenda.

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