Saturday, August 24, 2013

Demolishing of illegal constructions

Demolishing of illegal constructions

Demolishing of illegal constructions The new government led by Edi Rama will start this autumn the demolishing of illegal buildings. The operation considered as the start of the Albanian Revival, will start with the buildings that have been reported by citizens on the website that Rama has offered on the internet. The reports have reached to 350 so far.

Sources from the Socialist Party headquarters say for Top Channel that Edi Rama has established a working group that is preparing the plan. Seeing the support of the citizens through the reports, it has been decided that the operation will start with these buildings, in order to increase trust and cooperation. The creation of the Alliance with the Citizens against ruin is considered as the key to success in this battle.

Since most of the reports come from Vlore, followed by critics against Mayor Gjika, it remains to be seen if the operation will start in this coastal town.

The commitment to end the abuses with the illegal constructions has been considered by Rama as the first battle in fulfilling the promise to revive Albania.
Angazhimi per t'i dhene fund fenomenit te abuzimit me ndertimet pa leje ne vijen bregdetare te Jonit, eshte konsideruar prej Rames si beteja e pare ne permbushjen e zotimit per te rilindur Shqiperine.

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