Tuesday, August 13, 2013


  Berisha: Efforts for Greek minority in Himara, failed

  Prime Minister Sali Berisha has responded today, on August 11, anti statements this summer, made ​​in Himara.

Berisha today on the social network Facebook, the funeral was to Aristotle Guma politicized.

According to Berisha, the cradle of patriotism Himara is Albanian and other minority every effort there is tragic.

"A funeral ceremony politicized to Nazism by a tiny handful of extremists, killed the second day for the young A. Guma.

Attempts to find through Nekro policy, are a minority in Himara quixotic and tragic. Himara ever has been and remains the cradle of Albanian nationalism contributions to the country's struggle for freedom, in letters, art and national culture.

In this area, some villages and Himara themselves are bilingual, but with identical DNA and blood subgroups with other villages in the thousands of years have not spoken a word in Greek or Albanian other than that nice.

A graveside ceremony with extreme politicization and once again proves the misery of those who want to find the dead, trail of a minority that has never existed in Himara.  ', says Berisha on Facebook.

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