Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clinton criticizes Obama for cautious approach to Syria

WASHINGTON -- Bill Clinton has criticized Barack Obama for his "cautious" approach to Syria, noting at the same time his own interventionist policy in Bosnia and Kosovo.
(FoNet, file)
(FoNet, file)
The former U.S president spoke during a closed-press event - from which the Politico website nevertheless reported his remarks.
The American public elects presidents and members of Congress “to see down the road and to win," Clinton was quoted as saying.

According to the website, he also "implied that Obama or any president risks looking like a total fool if they listen too closely to opinion polls and act too cautiously," and "used his own decisions on Kosovo and Bosnia as a point of reference."

Opinion polls in the U.S. recently showed that the public there is against their country taking part in the conflict in Syria.

Clinton's remarks came during a question-and-answer session with U.S. Senator John McCain, who is a strong critic of Obama's policy on Syria.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment, said the report.

“Nobody is asking for American soldiers in Syria. The only question is now that the Russians, the Iranians and the Hezbollah are in there head over heels, 90 miles to nothing, should we try to do something to try to slow their gains and rebalance the power so that these rebel groups have a decent chance, if they’re supported by a majority of the people, to prevail?" Clinton was quoted as saying.

The website said that Clinton did not call for specific measures to aid the Syrian rebels while McCain urged Obama to enforce a no-fly zone in the country to give rebels a “safe zone” to fight the Assad regime.

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