Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Unknown Declaration of Ahmet Zog in 1931: Himara, Korca, Gjirokastra are Greek territories

    Greek media issues from the archives an interview King Zog, in 1931 while traveling to Vienna

    Recognizes that "the Albanian kingdom, the Greek land, but must observe the limits that have  international agreements"

"Shekulli" newspaper


"I admit that the Albanian kingdom really has Greek territories. Korca, Himara, Dhruvjani, Gjirokastra ... ". The author of this sentence-bomb? Ahmet Zogu, the hand itself. At least so claims an author Costas Maris, who cites an interview given Ahmet Zog in 1931 remote shin during a trip to Vienna in unhealthy condition. Kostas Maris has published his article which quoted Ahmet Zog interview in 1931, about a month ago. Greek author writes: "This declaration seems so paradoxical from the lips of the former king of the Albanians themselves, Ahmet Zogu, but it was published in Bird's own interview for the Greek daily" ELLINIKI "in March 1931."

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