Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kosovo situation, concerning
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Kosovo situation, concerning
The General NATO Secretary, Anders Fog Rasmussen, declared that the situation in Northern Kosovo is concerning. He appealed all parties to find a peaceful solution for the conflict.

He underlined that they need a political solution, but by excluding the division of Kosovo.

During an interview for the Serbian news agency “Beta”, quoted by Free Europe, Rasmussen declared that it is important to go through these issues step by step, and the first step is the creation of a dialogue between Belgrade and Prishtina, under the EU supervision.

He said that even in the future, NATO will have a presence in Kosovo with 5000 or 6000 troops.

“The division of Kosovo is out of any discussion, and it is very important to make it clear for the entire western Balkans. It is very important for the government of Prishtina to understand the significance of including all communities in the political and public life in Kosovo”, Rasmussen declared.

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