Monday, December 12, 2011

Samaras - Berisha meeting in Paris

- Premier Berisha during his visit to France where he participated in the summit of the People's Party, met with the New Democracy leader, Antonio Samaras.
According to Greek media, the meeting was talking to a maritime boundary agreement. Greek electronic media say that, "Mr Berisha welcomed the proposal of the President of New Democracy and the two agreed to conclude a new agreement between them, right when the opposition comes to power and its leader, Samaras to become prime minister" .

Also learned that the meeting is to discuss issues of mutual cooperation to win the election. Thus, Samaras has talked with Berisha that the election campaign in Greece to look for the announcement of Korca, Himara Permet and minority-majority cities. This will be of assistance in exchange of Samaras will give Berisha to win the election for another term.
Berisha meeting with Samaras in fact not reported by the Cabinet. It took the Greek media reporting to agree that Berisha has spoken to a maritime boundary agreement.
In 2009, the Albanian government, represented by Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha, the government signed an agreement with Greek right then.
This agreement was rejected by the Constitutional Court, while Berisha was set for another deal.

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