Monday, November 21, 2011

Greek Company, asks Berisha for moneys

Tirana-Elbasan tunnel

Tirana-Elbasan tunnel
6 months after the construction works started for the new highway that connects Tirana with Elbasan, the tunnel has advanced without delays.

After the construction of the first kilometer, Prime Minister Berisha inspected the works in the 2.5 km long tunnel, the most delicate part of the project and the biggest undergoing infrastructure construction in our country. Berisha declared that the good works progress means that the tunnel will be functional after one year.

“This tunnel, together with the Kalimashi and Qafe Murrizi tunnels, will change Albania definitively. After the construction of these major works, the Albanians will be able to travel with the highest European standards and will reach all Albanian cities faster”, Berisha declared.

During the inspection of the Tirana-Elbasan tunnel, Berisha accused the opposition of having tried to stop the budget that included the construction of this tunnel, same as they did with Albanian EU candidate status.

Berisha added that the construction of 9000 kilometers of roads in five years, the wage and pension increase and the construction of other major public works, are the undeniable evidence of the country’s progress.

“This is the result of your hard work, our reforms and transparent management of your money. The constructions continue each day, regardless the slanders and nihilisms thrown against them. Let us respond to slanders with work and only work”, Berisha underlined.

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