Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tourism in Jale, Himara Region, risk of new ethnic conflict

Thousands of young people from Kosovo and Albania, supporters of "Self-Determination" and "Red and Black Alliance," have "invaded the tourist point of Jali"

Himara. August 26, 2011.

Thousands of
ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, ultra nationalist supporters of the Albanian political group "Self-Determination" but also from Albania, as supporters of new political movement "of the Black Red Alliance", have set up their tents in the center of tourist village Jali, of Himara Region, to demonstrate their nationalist views of the Union of Albanian territories.

According to the latest resources, groups of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, along with beauty that offers elite tourism hot zone of the Region of Himara, are focusing on the so called propaganda of "Greater Albania", by writing slogans in different areas majority of the ethnic Greek of Himara Region.

At night, many local residents groups, inform that the Albanian extremists who are staying in Jale, move armed into their cars and have done time after time, hit with gun fire, spreading fear among residents and numerous tourists who have come to rest in the touristic area.

But sources from Omonia, Greek organizations, which constitutes the main political force in the region, said that Albanian extremist groups, they need to eat tensions precisely on the anniversary of the assassination of martyr Aristotle Goumas, a year ago by Albanian extremists.

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