Friday, June 10, 2011

After 1912, Greek frigate "HS Spetsai" anchored in the port of Vlora

NATO Naval exercises, the Greek navy participates with frigate and a
Mine-hunters ship

Greek frigate class "Meco Standard" "Spetsai" and
a Coastal Minehunters ship (M64), are anchored in the port of Vlora, in a joint drill mission in the framework of NATO.

Interestingly, the Greek ships of NATO, had nearly 100 years had not violated in Albanian waters, as soon as Albania declared independence in the city of Vlora, while since then, a Greek frigates monitored by the Vlora bay, the ceremony of declaration of independence Albania.

A year ago, two Turkish frigates had entered in the port of Vlora, in a peaceful mission, for which the Greek press criticized Tirana for the diplomatic challenge with Athens.

Greek Navy, had been up at the end of WWI, its dominance in the Albanian coast, until 1914, taking control of the island of Sazan and the Vlora bay.

In 1961, the mission "Antipatrea" had a special duty, to receive the Sazan island to Greece, consisting of commando forces by the CIA and Greek commandos, but the secret mission, failed, for reasons still unclear.

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