Monday, May 9, 2011

George Goro, wins new Mayor of Himara

The Himara Community, welcomes the winner George Goro

Socialist Party candidate, George Goro, has acquired rival Vasilis Bolanos

In the administrative elections of 8 May, the Municipality of Himara, Socialist Party representative George Goro, is estimated by the people of Himara. beating out other candidates split the winner, including the HRUP Vasilis Bolanos.

Meanwhile. The Himara community, has welcomed the peaceful conduct of elections in Himara, and congratulated the new Mayor of Municipality of George Goro, for victory.

The Himara Community Meanwhile, convinced that the new administrator of Himara, will follow his program for which the maximum vote, to stay flat for private property rights and the development of tourist area of the Municipality of Himara.,

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