Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Gazeta 55": Greece is seen behind the deadly protests in Tirana

The Albanian newspaper near PM Sali Berissha accuses Greece involved on January 21,

The Journal "55" near to the government of Sali Berisha known for the anti-Greek publications in Albania, in an effort to charge the tragic consequences of the demonstrations on 21 January in Albania (where are killing three people) anywhere except the Albanian government, an incredible conspiratorial theory and scenario.

From the first moment Sali Berisha has accused the leader of the Albanian opposition used that criminal elements and organized crime to overthrow the government. The «GAZETA 55», citing a source Albanian immigrants in Athens involving Greek nationalist circles with strong ties to the Greek state and Greek officials - as reported, who facilitated the Albanian underworld operating in Athens, between them and people without legal papers, to come to Tirana to overthrow Berisha.

Unfortunately, such articles which consider all the suffering of Albanians from Greece for many years every day and not only found in the 'picturesque' marginal type and widely distributed in newspapers. Surprising is that we never saw a reaction of the Greek diplomatic missions! Truth role in Albania visa except what to do tourism?!

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