Monday, February 28, 2011


52 Albanian personalities, message to President Topi, against registration of ethnic and religious

52 eminent personalities of the country have responded through a petition to the president, prime minister and speaker of the parliament on the issue of the census on ethnic and religious.

52 personalities, among them writers, politicians, historians, artists and representatives of civil society through a petition expressing concern for the population on ethnic and religious grounds, calling it unconstitutional. They refer to Article 20 of the Constitution, which recognizes the right of national minorities to express freely their ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural.

52 names of the country, including former presidents Meidani and Moisiu, historians Xhufi and Sabri Godo, former Foreign Minister Besnik Mustafaj, etc.. expressed demand for self-declaration of nationality in the current conditions is great risk, so there is no benefit from ethnic and religious census, adding that such recording elements do not exist in any of the 27 EU member states.

In their petition addressed to senior state leaders, important personalities of the country suggest at this point that the law on civil status made in this spirit to be repealed as soon as possible. They urge intellectuals and organizations in place to react and to join their petition.

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