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Albania is on the brink of civil war

The opposition challenge Berisha: "We will return to the streets."
EU: 'Stop the violence'

It is still high voltage in the Albanian capital Tirana, where three people were killed Friday in shots of gunfire during an opposition rally degenerated into violent clashes with security forces. Dramatic improvements in the political crisis in Albania that lives a year. Three protesters are dead on arrival at the hospital, centered by bullets. The three victims were "killed at point blank range with small arms, with guns. And the police do not possess such weapons", assured the Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha, during a press conference. "All responsibility for these incidents and the victims must be directly attributed to the organizers of this event," he added. The Socialist opposition leader, Edi Rama, accused by police of having his shot at the demonstrators, "killing three innocent people." BERISHA, Attacks Socialists - Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha pointed the finger at the Albanian opposition, accusing it of groped "a violent coup d'état with a scenario in Tunisia."

According to Berisha, who spoke at a press conference during the night, the opposition Socialist leader Edi Rama, mayor of the capital and would have "wanted to mount a violent coup, imagining a scenario for Albania to Tunisia." "He and those carcasses of Ben Ali's Albanians have imagined for you, the citizens of Albania, a Tunisian scenario," Berisha added.
The bloody day began with a demonstration called by the opposition Socialists to demand the resignation of the center-right government led by Berisha, and new elections. Rama has strongly rejected any accusation of attempted coup, "There is no parallel with Tunisia," he said, Berisha invited to a "political solution to the situation." The crises - This is the first time an opposition procession gives rise to such violence, with victims, who lives since the beginning of the political crisis in Albania.

The opposition led by Rama has never recognized the results of the elections in June 2009, accusing the power to fraud. The opposition refuses to take an active role in parliament and announced a recount of the vote, request that the Berisha government has never agreed to give comfort. Friday's demonstration had slogans such as the resignation of Berisha and the calling of early parliamentary elections.
Thousands of demonstrators had gathered in the early afternoon in front of the seat of government, in central Tirana, protected by a cordon of important officials. The tension was immediately evident and the protesters did not take long to start several objects, including stones at police. They responded by firing tear gas and using water cannons to push back the protesters and disperse the crowd. The appeal of the EU.

In a joint appeal, the U.S. Embassy, the Delegation of the EU and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Tirana called on "all parties" to the "quiet and behavior, and to refrain from provocations. On the evening of Friday, senior officials of the European Union had already facing calls for calm, regretting "with strength" of the loss of lives, but stressed the right of citizens to demonstrate. "Manifesting is a tool of freedom of expression and allowing citizens to gather peacefully," they stressed the head of European diplomacy and European Commissioner Catherine Ashton in charge of Enlargement, Stefan Fuel, in a joint statement.
The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, said he was "very concerned by the explosion of violence" and urged "all political forces to promote a constructive dialogue within the framework of existing democratic institutions" Albanians.

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