Thursday, June 3, 2010

EU Supports Entry of Balkan States Based on 'Merit'

By June Kellum
Bosnian minister of Foreign Affairs, Sven Alkalaj (L) and EU Secretary for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton (R) shake hands before the European Union-Balkans High Level Meeting in Sarajevo June 2. At the meeting the EU said it will welcome qualified Balka (Elvis Barukcic/AFP
In spite of concerns over enlargement in the wake of the Greek fiscal crisis, top European Union officials said they would extend EU membership to qualified Balkans countries.

The EU met with Balkans officials Wednesday for a one-day summit in Bosnia-Herzegovina capital, Sarajevo.

However, it appears that none of the applicant countries currently meet the required qualifications.

The EU stressed that each country would be evaluated based on "its own merits" and the countries will all have to make improvements to meet accession criteria, according to AFP.

Among the countries that emerged since the 1990 breakup of Yugoslavia, only Slovenia has EU membership. Croatia is currently in the membership negotiations process, while Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Albania are just beginning.

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