Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"The General of Civil War of 197" Agim Shehu rewarded with 100.000 euro by Albanian court

TIRANA, The Court of First Instance in the capital, three years after returning to the rank of "General" of former Director General of the State Police during 1992-'97 Agim Shehu, actually in the post of director of the investigation to the Directorate General of Taxation, decides to give the benefit of the missed salary for 11 years "asylum" of his in Germany with 100.000 euro.

The decision was issued on the basis of his salary of 1997 with the rank of general, as well as all missing gains made by banking interests after 30 June 1997, when it is away from work until mid in 2008 when it began work at the Directorate General of Taxation.

General Shehu returned to Albania from asylum 9 years in Germany where he was sheltered after the escape from Albania on 30 June 1997. General Agim Shehu was one of the alleged figures for events in 1997 and one person on the curve in the political arena as a violator of human rights and for very similar charges.

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