Friday, September 18, 2009

Kakome, explosives in the "touristic village"

18 September 2009

According to "Shekulli" newspaper quantity of explosive matter has blow up the gate of
touristic village of Kakomea, near Saranda town. Police sources from the Commissariat of Saranda, confirmed that the outbreak of explosive matter occurred after 01:30 on Thursday.

In addition the Criminal experts who have gone immediately the scene, have determined that the explosive action has been located only 1.5 meters from entry to the Ports of cantier of tourist village, which is being raised by "Riviera" Company in the Gulf of Kakomea.

The explosion is felt strong, and shocked the administration and staff specialists who were sleeping in the buildings of administrative center company.

The blast has preceded the court session that is held yesterday in the Court of Saranda when
five persons from Kakomea accused by several months for "Destruction of property to another", after they attacked vehicles and machinery of the company "Riviera", last March.

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