Saturday, March 7, 2009

After the writer Petro Marko another northern epiriote Panajot Pano became "The Honor of Albania"

The Albanian President Bamir Topi honored yesterday Panajot Pano, an ex famos socker of albanian national team as the "Honor of Albania". Pano ex famous socker of Albanian national team and "Partizani" of Tirana, is became the second greek Albanian personality that has contributed historicly for the Albanian state.

Panajot Pano an Albanian citizen with Greek nationality becomes honored after another famous northern epiriot the writer from Himara region Petro Marko.

Often Albanian media opinion like to convert the Greek origin of the great writer Petro Marko from Drimades village of Himara region as Albanian.

The albanian government has financed a monument sculprure of the writer Petro Marko to put in Drimades without autorisation of the greek community of the area. The declaration has been held by PM Sali Berisha during a visit in Drimades on June 2008.

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