Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Photo: An antiamerican slogan in Albania during dictature regim

Shocking as this may be to electoral pundits, right now, in an ongoing international voting poll between John McCain and Barack Obama, McCain has built up an almost insurmountable lead in the countries of Albania and Macedonia. Is this the dislodged pebble that will lead to a landslide Republican victory?

McCain officials are excited.
Impossible as it seems, presidential candidate John McCain is surging ahead in Albania, even more so in FYROM, according to the latest "If the World Could Vote" election data. Several officials for the Obama campaign, although not all, are fearful that this momentum for McCain may just spread to Greece, although at present, Obama has a comfortable lead of 96.6%.

However, one Eastern European election analyst, Ian Foolinku, has pointed out that this is really an anomaly in an otherwise massive international turnout for Obama, where he has the clear lead in 210 other countries. He attributes, actually, McCain's lead in the other two countries to underhanded trickery.

"We have had reports", Ian states, "that in Albania, the McCain campaign, in an obvious appeal to ethnic identity, has been running massive robo-calls warning Albanians that, if elected, Barack Obama is going to ask the United Nations to change Albania's name to 'Negronia', while in FYROM, we have learned, the McCain campaign has been spreading the rumor that John McCain is a direct descendent of Alexander the Great. Consequently, we feel that the McCain lead in these two countries is only an isolated phenomenon."

Meanwhile an anonymous spokesman for the Obama campaign in Athens had this to say: "There is no danger that Greece will fall to McCain. That is as likely as Achilles falling to Hector during the Trojan War."

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