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Photo: The Greek Special Forces embarked on first attack reactions ship
The island Sasonos, which historically and geographically belongs to Ionion islands group, a front at the entrance to the Gulf of Vlore is a strategic point of maximum importance as it controls the Strait of Otranto. The rocky island of 4.5 square kilometers of land granted by the Treaty of London (1864) together with the Ionian Islands in Greece but the Greek government and the inert Sason ... appears to be a Turkish soil, as the Turks occupied the city of Vlore.
In 1912 the General Konstantinos Georgantas, commander of frigate "PINEIOS", raised in Sasona the Greek flag and 25 soldiers disembark in island. In 1914 a decision of of Venizelos government transferred Sasenos to Albania and removed the Greek flag. Then the island occupied by Italy and Germany, representing a submarine base in WWS.

.....With the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1946, Greece goes to annexation of the Dodecanese, but not in Northern Epirus, which was released by the Greek Army heavy toll. In 1951 manufactured naval base with underground facilities for nuclear submarines of the Soviet fleet.

On 3 December 1961 rupture of relations occurred USSR and Albania and interrupted diplomatic relations between them. Tirana quickly expel all Soviet advisers, mobilization of reservists to go and close the naval base, even all the military equipment of Soviet origin was there. Albania ceases to be a member of the Warsaw Pact. This development mobilizes the Greek side which recognizes the geostrategic importance of the island.

In 1962 The General Quarter of Marine in Athens organized the action plain to the island Sason code-named «ANTIPATREIA» together with CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency in cooperation with the Special Forces of the Greek Army. The objective of the operation is to recover the island Sasonos, to entrance in actions other pionts of special greek forces to liberate Northern Epirus, under the commander Lieutenant-LOK K. Kollias..... but the Plain where stoped for other secret reasons....

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