Sunday, October 5, 2008

ALBANIAN PRESS: "Bosnian trafficant linked with Tirana`s Klan and "Gerdeci Blast"


The Independent Newspapers of Albania "SHEKULLI", "TEMA", "ALBANIA", "GAZETA SHQIPTARE", KORRIERI" ecct have inquiring the "black link" of the Bosnian traficant Damir Fazlic as the head of Albanian mafia installed inside of the Berisha Government, including Foreign Minister Lulezim Basha and the daughter of PM Berisha Argita Maltezi. Every think exploded after the arrest of Damir Fazlic in Sarajevo last day.

The implication of Damir Fazlic since the politic elections of 2005 when Fazlic where political consulent of Sali Berisha wined the elections representing the american company BG&R.

The business of Fazlic in Albania including 5 companies the most important where "AC European Finance", "Capital Investment Management Corporation", "ALPHA", all in collaboration with "Legal Maltezi Studio" the daughter of PM Sali Berisha Argita Maltezi and the Foreign Minister Lulezim Basha.

Damir Falzic according to Albanian press where also impliced with "Gerdeci Blast" as colaborator of Company "ALBA DEMIL" when the president Mihal Delihorgji is under arrest as responsible of the "Gerdeci Blast". Falzic was also important consulent for the national investment of Albania, the High Way Reshen Kalimash (links Albania with Kosovo) a question that accuses for corruption the FM Lulezim Basha.

But the most important implication of Damir Fazlic not only for the Klan of Prime Minister Sali Berisha is the his represent as "right brunch" of very known Former Director of "Home Land Security" Tom Ridge during a meeting with Prime Minister Sali Berisha in his office, transmitted by the albanian TV media last year.

Ridge’s work on behalf of Albania was well-documented, starting on Dec. 31, 2006, when the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Ridge “landed an unusual first client in the prime minister of Albania” for his new consulting firm.

The New York Times reported on June 9, 2007, when President Bush visited Albania that Ridge worked “on a range of issues, including the implementation of a national identity card” for the country.

The very known albanian analyst Mero Baze the Editor of Newspaper "TEMA" often has expresed his opinion about Gerdeci Blast with Berisha Klan and the trafficant Damir Fazlic as lobbyist and important consulent.


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