Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Albanian Press supports the propriety rights in Vlora conflict. Militarily Helicopter used from Tirana against the rights of citizens.


"GAZETA SHQIPTARE" comments the conflict between the National Guard and owners as the rights of the propriety of every citizen which holds original documents to the Albanian corrupted authorities. "Its in our rights to build every thing according to laws and the licence taken by Vlora Municipality" said one member of Patsos family for the newspaper. In addition four personnel of National Guard are under Penal Proces accused as "violation of private propriety".

"SOT" newspaper, comments under the title "WAR IN VLORA BETWEEN NATIONAL GUARD AND OWNERS..."

Over the rights of the propriety, the violence used by Albanian authorities to the owners, most of them women, the newspaper comments also the scandal inside Albanian authorities, the Government Residence office of Vlora and Propriety authority. The propriety authority of Vlora is supporting the rights of owners, while the Residence Government wants to "legalise" whith out laws a big territory under the name "of Teritory of Government Residence of Albania". Is not very cleare ask the newspaper, why the Police Department of Vlora does not support the rights propriety of citizen but is one instrument which take directives from Tirana violating the Albanian laws and Constitution.

The newspaper "PANORAMA" comments the incident between the National Guard and owners as a dangerous precedent to escalate a social conflict. The conflict continues since 15 days ago and Albanian authorities continue to prohibit the propriety rights of owners who have came from Greece where they are emigrant. But is very important the observer of "PANORAMA" in which the Albanian author
ity has used Military Helicopter against citizens in "Could Water". Many military troops has been transported with a tecnic group came by Tirana to observer and control the situation, sended by office of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, comments "PANORAMA"

In addittion a document tells for the penal acuse made by the Building Construction Company to the National Guard Authority for violence used by 4 military personnel to the private territory.

The situation comments the media is very critic in Vlora even some international institutions including OSCE, The Helsinki Committee and the Greek Embassy are observing the conflict.

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