Monday, March 24, 2008

Martin Sletzinger: Greater Albania can't be stopped

Sunday, 23 March 2008
Woodrow Wilson's Director of South Eastern European studies, Martin Sletzinger with a view on the latest Balkan socio/political events. "Macedonia can very well disappear as a country as a result of Kosovo's independence, while the whole Balkan region can enter a phase of major border shifts."

"I think, this is a process, which is very natural, now because of political reasons as well." The authorities in Tirana and the Albanians in Macedonia are not speaking anything of their plan, however I think it is unavoidable, they will attempt to bridge their land, in this case countries. It would be nice if this happens through the UN. And when this happens we can say our goodbye to Macedonia. For sure. However, this would only be the begining" says Martin Sletzinger in his interview for Voice of America.

This can explain the speech by Imer Aliu, Vice President in Macedonia's Government, a week ago. In his speech "We [Albanians] have same blood and same flag with our brothers in Kosovo". Perhaps Imer Aliu did not get the memo that their plans are not to be made public, at least not now. No need to mention the demands made by Taci to Gruevski.

Most of other US political analyst are unusually quiet, Mr. Sletzinger being the exception.
"I find it strange that no one is speaking about Macedonia. I have only heard of support for Kosovo's independence, but their analysis is focused towards Russia, and its behaviour."
On the question when would Albania merge with Kosovo, Sletzinger provides a deeper analysis. "When I started working in Congress, this was in the 1970's, Albanian lobby were giving us maps of Iliria, which included Kosovo, half of Macedonia, a good portion of Montenegro, and of course Albania.

I think the Albanians were very wise and, I think it's natural that they would want to live in one country, just like all Serbs want to live in one country. I don't know why we would allow a Greater Albania, which will neither be normal, nor more stable than Greater Serbia. Actually it would be very abnormal because it would be created from breaking up several countries. I think this is a process that is going on for years. It's not true that Kosovo became a country because of Milosevic's oppresion. This is nonsense. The problems between the Serbs and Albania go on for 100 years." says Sletzinger.

Sletzinger is an expert and has been analyzing the Balkans for over 30 years. He is convinced that Balkans' borders will change. "The Albianian will want to associate with Albania. This is in their psyche and the world will have to face up with this. The Balkan borders will change, perhaps not in 6 or 7 months, but in 6 or 7 years, for sure." concluded Sletzinger.

Eagleburger: Greece should be wary of 'Great Albania'

Monday, 24 March 2008
Eventual formation of a "Great Albania" and not the name of Macedonia, poses as a real threat to Greece, ex-U.S. State Secretary Lawrence Eagleburger said in the interview with the Greek paper Kathimerini. According to him, the real threat to Greece is creation of "Great Albania, which is bound to turn to Greece."
Eagleburger said he believed that Macedonia and Greece will settle the name issue after all, pointing out that Greece's insisting for its northern neighbor to change its name made no sense. The former U.S. State Secretary said that a compromise solution would be reached because of the necessity for Skopje to join NATO and mentioned in this sense the name "New Macedonia

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