Monday, March 10, 2008

The Albanian press about new Omonia leader elected.


How is possible that to the "Omonia" elections process, wins Greek extremist brunch? Those are many of titles of newspapers and TV stations in Albanian media, pretending "how is possibile that Albania losted control of "Omonia", holding since 1991?” The Albanian National Strategy is making analyses of opening Northern Epirus Issue by Great Powers, after Kosovo Independence under the name “Domino Effect”.

"Omonia", is the Greek Ethnic Organization in Albania since 1991 after communist regime dead, when the democratic parliament elected, excluded by a law voting to block the Greek minority request to compose the Hellenist Party of Albania. During this period 'Omonia" has confronted the violence and persecution systematically from Albanian government, beginning by Omonia`s Politically Trial against five members of Greek organization in 1994, to the local and politic elections in Albania always monitored by International Community and OSCE.

Until now, the Greek ethnic minority of Albanian never has been politically and civil rights beginning from individual declaration of national and religion rights to politically represent of pluralism specter and proprieties rights. The albanian propaganda often has claimed for the three member parliament by greek origin as member of "Omonia" as only represents of greek minority with about 30 - 40 thousand or 2.5% of voters with about 10 years, reclaming the percentuage of the Greek Minority only 1.17% of total population of albania with 3.6 million inhabitantes.

Omonia in fact has been included politically to be part of HRUP, a Party often interpreted by Albanian media as Greek Party of Albania, but in reality has been under influence particularly after 1997, to a group persons linked with Greek origin with Dictature Regime and actually with strong economically interests of as part of government to justify the Greek Albanian relations controlled by Albanian side. Omonia`s control has been often systematically an instrument of Albanian strategy to crush the Northern Epirus Issue. In the Pan Epiriotic Convention in 2006 in Joanina, the leader of Omonia was criticaly attacked by realy oposition inside greek community for the inferiority to protect the greeks of albania and particularly to failed the proces of General Counting Population last 10 years.

Under the title ‘Wins the Greek Extremist Brunch” its very clear that the consequences of Omonia`s election process has been a crash between influences of Tirana and Athens. Who are new extremist of Omonia and until now what the head of Omonia was? Sure Vassilis Bollanos is a Greek himariotas who never known officially by Albania as represent of Greek minority zone of Himara Region an old discussion of Albanian nationalism which prohibited to know the Protocol of Corfu in 1914, for the rights of Greek minority of Albania. Also the declaration of Vassilis Bollanos “What will win Kosovo would win Northern Epirus” is a strong horn often not liked by Albanians.

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