Monday, January 21, 2008


The Albanian Newspaper “STANDARD” on January 21, 2008, comments an article of Greek daily “Eleferotipia” about the new dimension of Albanian Greek relations regarding Kosovo and Northern Epirus.

Elefterotipia, referred to the high official of Greek Defense Ministry Dimitrios Georgiu, who proposes between the Northern Epirus and Kosovo Independence to be resolved under friendly agreement: “We take Northern Epirus to recognize your Kosovo Independence”.

According to “Standard” the article of Greek press is based to new escalation of Balkan Issue particularly for the Kosovo Independence and the position of Athens regarding a “positive reaction for Kosovo”, but firstly Tirana must know the autonomy of Northern Epirus.

Georgiu referred the international agreements about Northern Epirus such are ‘The Protocol of Corfu of 1914” which gives large autonomy of Greek in Albania, the “Peace Conference of 1919” and the “Peace Conference” of 1946 where the Great Powers decided to know the unification of Northern Epirus with Greece, after unification of tow German states.

The declaration of Georgiu actually is the first of high level of Greek authorities to be clear of new position to next developments regarding the Kosovo Independence and Northern Epirus. It’s very significative a protest which will demonstrate in center of Athens by Albanian emigrants proclaimed for January 27, for Kosovo Independence, when Tirana continues “to be indifferent” for every escalation of its national interests.

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