Saturday, December 15, 2007


Photo: BYZANTINE MONASTER OF PANAGIAS - DRYMADON This monastery is a pure white building; located on the peak over the village of Drymades has distinctive architecture.

The explosion blast against Byzantine church "Agia Pandelimonis" was happened in Drimades (Dhermi) one of more important tourist center of Southern Albania (Northern Epirus in Himara Region) where lives a large old presence of Hellenic Community.

According to Albanian Daily Newspaper “Shekulli” the Police authority which made the investigation process, after declared that “is not a blast explosive but has been made from thunder – struck destroying the Byzantine church”.

But the community has been against version of police declaration. According them: “the blast is explosive against the Orthodox Church and it is a terrorist act”. Some of other churches has been stolen many days before the blast in the village Drimades.

Drimades with it beautiful paradises beaches in Ionian Coast is one important culture center particularly for foreign tourists for the rich values of Byzantine churches. There are about 35 churches (10 of them are Byzantine period) and three orthodox Monasteries are visiting by thousand foreign tourists on the last year.

Anyway in Southern Albania decides of Orthodox Churches has been violated or stolen by vandals particularly in Korca, Argjirokaster, Fieri and the Himara Region.

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