Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Vlora Region against Investment Pipeline Burgas Vlora. But the Central Election Commission does not aprove the referendum for Thermo Central Electric which will be instald in Vlora Region. The albanian oposition supports the rights of people of Vlora`s Region.

“Referendum or Protests”: This is the ultimatum made by Vloras`s Region represent in the end of decision of Central Election Commission of Albania.
The Berisha`s Government is raising the tenssion against people of Vlora. The Burgas Vlore is a Pipeline Transporter, which financed from Company associated by V/American President Dick Chaney, but is under volation of population of region of Vlora Bay.

AMBO pipeline is a planned oil pipeline from Bulgarian Black Sea port Burgas via Macedonia to Albanian Adriatic port Vlore. The aim of the 894 kilometer long trans-Balkan pipeline is to bypass Turkish straits in transportation of Russian and Caspian oil. The pipeline is expected to cost about 1.5 billion USD and it will transport 750,000 barrels of oil per day.[1] There will be four pump stations, two in Bulgaria and one each in Macedonia and Albania, constructed along the route.

The pipeline is planned to be built and operated by the US-registered Albanian Macedonian Bulgarian Oil Corporation (AMBO). The project is backed by the US government, who financed a feasibility study of pipeline.[2]

Burgas Vlora is linked with V/American President Dick Chaney, which is not favorite alternative from peoples of the area of Vlora Region which have requested referendum for the future of the Region.

The only alternative energy of AMBO pipeline of Balkan Region is Burgas Alexandropoulos, which has begun the start project much of it financed from “Latsis Group” a multi millioner from Northern Epirus (Old Epirus Province separated from Greece).

Anyway, the albanian oposition (Left Coalition headed from Socialist Party) expresed it politicaly suport to people of Vlora`s Region for the democratic rights about the referendum.

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