Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fatos Lobonja: Albania needs formatting not to rebirth 


 Written by: www.gazettaema.net

LubaFatos Lobonja, in an interview for the program "PULS" the KohaVision in Kosovo, there appeared criticism of developments in Albania.

According Lubonja Albanians as a society still can not be consolidated. The reasons, according to him, are corrupt Albanian political elites on all sides, inside and abroad. He said they did not thirst for power leaves organize and move forward.

Edi Rama's arrival at the head of government, according Lubonja, will not change the image of Albania, because Rama is associated with the oligarchs and organized crime. " He should answer that elite and non-citizens of Albania ", Lobonja estimates.

" Rama was eleven years at the helm of the Municipality of Tirana and its affairs are known. So do not expect this man to do something for the country " , he said.

" Another example is Ilir Meta , "he said. " How to change the image of the politician Albania Ilir Meta, who was caught stealing, making corruption and quadruples votes "- Lobonja ask?

" Albania has a black hole called Lazar, which carried 50% of the GDP of the country with production of marijuana.

Organized crime has captured the state, so all the political elite, which is entirely absorbed in the crime.

Albania needs no rebirth east. The same people have the power. Just have rotation " , says Lobonja.

" The Red and Black Alliance lost votes because the head of the alliance was part of the system, part of the corruption, and therefore did not vote " , he continues.

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