Monday, December 3, 2012

The U.S. talk of "change of borders in the Balkans"
Message-warning sent to Albania by the U.S. representative to the State Department, which in a statement said that any change of borders in the Balkans "would be counterproductive and destabilizing," but the issue is that for the first time put the U.S. even and negative mood on any change of borders in the Balkans ...

 More specifically, the Victoria Nuland said:

"The United States of America do not support the idea of ​​changing the borders in the Balkans, while every effort to achieve this would be counterproductive and destabilizing", referring to the statements of the Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha "Albania of all Albanian territories '.Known as the Albanian prime minister lately has been attributed to an unprecedented propaganda campaign of "Great" "or" natural "Albania where according to the type irredentist statements has clearly expressed that" natural "borders start at Preveza.While another strain statement of the State Department and more specifically the director of the State Department's Office for the Southern and Central Europe, Jonathan Moore noted that Albania missed the chance to meet the criteria set by the EU as a condition to get the status of accession country and the opening of accession negotiations."With the general euphoria that exists in Albania for the 100th anniversary of its independence, there is a large dose of frustration both within Albania and abroad, including Washington because opportunities are lost by decisions which were implemented by the Albanian parliament, decisions that would satisfy the EU criteria, "said Moore.In an interview with the "Voice of America" ​​a day before his departure for Albania, the U.S. diplomat urges political parties in the country to vote on three laws requiring increased majority for approval, because these laws are key to Albania's entry in Europe.To issue is that the U.S. for the first time bring matter of changing borders in the Balkans, even "through the back door." And it has its own importance

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