Wednesday, November 30, 2011

With intervention of Spyros Latsis the Hellenic Navy is supporting with oil

Greek billionaire, from his origin of Koritsa, Spryros Llatsis, all fuel supplies to the Greek Navy fleet.

The personal intervention of Spiros Latsis, whose group has control of Hellenic Petroleum, has discovered the issue with the publication of, approved the provision of fuel to the Greek Navy.
Good and holy intervention of the Greek tycoon, but rather should "pull some ears" in the company. Without HN (And subsequently Army and Air Force) would not exist either ELPE or even Greece ....

They left the fleet without fuel, ELPE after yesterday jammed the signing of the contract to supply the Greek Navy with fuel carburant. The most impressive of all is that ELPE refused to sign the contract despite the fact that they knew how to receive immediately the full amount of EUR 10 million euros.

As the announcement of Hellenic Petroleum, the company which was once public, the Greek state, cut off cooperation the Ministry of Defence, because they owe 80 million euro for Greek Army and Air Force. It is worth noting that apart from lack of fuel due to the refusal of ELPE to work with the MOD the Navy faces problems of lack of spare parts that affect a percentage of the potential of the Fleet to operate in the Aegean.

And all the time when the Turkish Navy literally pillaged the Aegean as the same as the Defence states on its website until September 2011 we had 168 violations of Greek territorial waters by the Turkish Navy as seen from the table below.

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