Wednesday, May 10, 2017

US Congresmen group, visit Tirana

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Nine US Congresmen have landed in Tirana and are holding a Meeting with Ilir Meta in the Presidency of the Assembly. Earlier, American congressmen met with President Bujar Nishani.

This is the largest group of US congressmen who visited Albania. In October of 2015, there were three congressmen, leaded by US Republican Gus Billirakis, who visited Tirana, talking to Albanian leaders about the problems of the Greek community in Himara Region.

The delegation is headed by Bob Goodlate, chairman of the US Justice Commission. The Nine Congressmen have meetings with PM Rama and oposition leader Basha to help solve the political crisis.

But the "American Spektaktor" writes that the delegation is doing the Investigate Ten days for the role of the USdiplomats, that are playing in Balkan countries Involved in Political Crisis.

According to the "American Spektaktor" magazine, the congressmen, are investigating which US ambassadors, are pursuing to implement what they call the failed policy to administer The formerly-backed of the President Obama-based, powerful from billionaire George Soros foundations.

The magazine writes that these policies interfere with more than what is needed in the internal affairs of the Balkan countries and this has caused a political crisis.

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